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Our focus is on improving patient care and outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and supporting hospitals with staffing and technology solutions that enable them to provide faster, more efficient care to their patients, while also creating new revenue streams through virtual staffing solutions.

Virtual physician and mid-level staffing


Innovative Telemedicine Technology Solutions


Telemedicine Program Implementation

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Annual savings per physician
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Cost savings on the technology & implementation
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An average revenue increase annually for hospitals
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Faster patient care with a reduction in average patient wait times
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Significant improvement in patient outcomes & satisfaction

More than 40% hospitals in the US are operating at a loss.

At LIVEMED™️ we are addressing the following challenges facing our healthcare system:

Higher Healthcare Costs


Staffing and Physicians Shortages


Physician Burnout & High Turnover


The population is projected to grow by 10.6% with an increase of 42.4% of those aged 65 and above.


The shortage of physicians is expected to be most severe in primary care: decreased access to basic healthcare services such as preventive care and managementof chronic conditions.

Other Challenges

Physician Shortages

Approximate Ranges projected shortages by 2034:

Primary care 17,800 – 49,000.
Non-Primary Care: 21,000 – 77,000.

Other Challenges

Physician Shortages


Current Barriers in Telemedicine Implementation


Current Barriers in Telemedicine Implementation

Concerns about the quality of care or a lack of trust in the technology.
Dated Technology
Many hospitals may not have the necessary technology or infrastructure to implement telemedicine.
Reimbursement Issues
Policies vary by state and payer, and are in a constant state of flux, creating uncertainty for healthcare providers.
Privacy & Security
Transmission of sensitive patient information over the internet can raise concerns about privacy and security.
Staffing & Training
Requires specialized staff and training which can be difficult and costly to provide.

Provider Costs

Our Goals

LIVEMED™ is committed to giving back to the community by providing free outpatient telehealth services to qualified uninsured patients.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and we are proud to play a role in making that a reality.
Decrease the cost of healthcare delivery
At LIVEMED™️, we are revolutionizing the healthcare industry with state-of-the-art technology solutions.
Improve patient outcomes
Provide faster access to healthcare which has several positive effects on patient outcomes.
Increase capacity of healthcare organizations
Keeping patients in-house rather than transferring them to other facilities. Off-load staffing burden.
Increase patient satisfaction
Provide more convenient, and accessible healthcare.
Address physician burnout
Decrease the on-call burden, the high census burden for onsite physicians and decreasing the amount of non-billable work such as inbox/chart work.
Create new revenue streams
Provide sub-specialty coverage to hospital organizations in need. Increase outpatient clinic coverage.

Our Team


Saamer Siddiqi, MD

Founder & CEO
Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. Over a decade of experience in Hospital Medicine. Physician-Entrepreneur with extensive experience in healthcare startups.

Jonathan Goldberg

Chief Information Officer
Over 20 years experience as CIO for multiple hospital systems. Implementation of Virtual Care Models.

Mirza Baig

Chief Technology Officer
15+ years of success in the healthcare and pharma space with enterprise clients such as Abbvie, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, amongst others.

J. Polizzi, DO, FAAFP

Chief Innovation Officer
Over 15 years of successfully implementing and integrating healthcare information systems and new technologies in healthcare organizations.

Ahmed Khan MD, MPH

Chief Strategy Officer
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist. Assistant professor at Stanford University, founding member of Lucid Lane, and advisor to several startups in  Silicon  Valley.

Ali Albers RN, MSN, FNP-C

Director of Virtual Nurse Practitioner Program
Over a decade of clinical experience with a deep understanding of digital healthcare delivery, adept at utilizing telemedicine and virtual care technologies.

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