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LIVEMED™ is at the forefront of medicine, we are a cutting-edge virtual healthcare solutions company that is revolutionizing the way medical care is delivered.

LIVEMED™ About Info

LIVEMED™ is at the forefront of medicine, we are a cutting-edge virtual healthcare solutions company that is revolutionizing the way medical care is delivered. Our team is composed of highly vetted board certified physicians and healthcare technology experts, equipped with state-of-the-art virtual technology, allowing us to provide virtual ICU, hospitalist, and multi-specialty physician coverage, as well as virtual nurse practitioners. We are dedicated to using advanced technology to improve the quality of healthcare and make it more accessible.
We connect patients with the best clinicians, through the best technology, to produce the best outcomes.

Our Services

Tele ICU

Tele Neurology

Tele Psychiatry


Tele Cardiology

Tele Infectious Disease

Tele Nephrology

Tele Radiology

Meet Our Team of Professionals.

We delivering

execptional results

Jonathan Goldberg

Chief Information Officer

Ahmed Khan MD, MPH

Chief Strategy Officer

Ali Albers RN, MSN, FNP-C

Director of Virtual Nurse Practitioner Program

Introducing E.M.M.A.

Electronic Mobile Medical Assistant.
E.M.M.A. – Electronic Mobile Medical Assistant: E.M.M.A. is a state-of-the-art telemedicine cart equipped with advanced digital health devices, such as digital stethoscopes, ensuring the highest quality virtual-physical examinations. E.M.M.A. facilitates virtual consultations within the hospital, ensuring effective communication while reducing the need for in-person consultations, thereby saving time and minimizing infection risks.
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Meet Our Team of Professionals.

Saamer Siddiqi, MD

Founder & CEO

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. Over a decade of experience in Hospital Medicine. Physician-Entrepreneur with extensive experience in healthcare startups.


Co-Founder & CTO

15+ years of success in the healthcare and pharma space with enterprise clients such as Abbvie, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, amongst others.

Jonathan Goldberg

Co-Founder & CIO

Over 20 years experience as CIO for multiple hospital systems. Implementation of Virtual Care Models.

Ole Eichhorn

Chief Innovation Officer

Former CTO of Teladoc & InTouch Health. Accomplished technology executive with 25+ years of experience focussing on delivering better healthcare to the world.

Lauren Hill

Chief Strategy Officer

Executive level HealthTech start-up advisor with extensive experience in mentoring Physician entrepreneurs. Expert in strategy, market analysis, and tech integration for healthcare innovation.

Ali Albers RN, MSN, FNP-C

Director of Virtual Nurse Practitioner Program

Over a decade of clinical experience with a deep understanding of digital healthcare delivery, adept at utilizing telemedicine and virtual care technologies.

Ehab El-Khabiry MD

Chief Medical Officer

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician with expertise in Value Based Care and Digital Health

Value We Deliver

At LIVEMED™️ we are addressing the following challenges facing our healthcare system:


Improved Patient Outcomes

Faster diagnosis and treatment for better health and patient satisfaction.


Reduced Patient Transfers

Keep patients local, reducing stress and costs.


Increased Case Mix Index (CMI)

Handle complex cases in-house for higher CMI and better reimbursements.
$ 0
Annual savings per physician
$ 0 +
Cost savings on the technology & implementation
$ 0 +
An average revenue increase annually for hospitals
0 %+
Faster patient care with a reduction in average patient wait times
0 %
Significant improvement in patient outcomes & satisfaction

Partnerships & Affiliations

Customer Voices:

Hear What They Say!

Charge Nurse from a Rural Hospital in AZ.

The very first week of going live with LIVEMED, we were able to stabilize a crashing patient through a STAT Tele-Cardiology consult, we were able to keep the patient in-house something we would have been unable to do just a week prior

Dr. Das - LIVEMED Telehealth Cardiologist.

Through LIVEMED's virtual care platform, I have been able to see several critically ill patients across multiple states in real-time, thereby preventing transfers

Charge Nurse, Rural Hospital, AZ

Our patients feel like the virtual physician is in the room with them

ED Director, Rural Hospital in WI.

I showed our ED physician the virtual platform, and he was intrigued. He was excited and then used it for a cardiology consult later in the day. He had great feedback about it... It was quick to log onto, and the cardiologist was kind and easy to understand. The equipment worked well, and the patient thought it was really neat that she was able to actually SEE a cardiologist right in the ED

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